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Student Device Tech Support » Dell 3180 Student Device

Dell 3180 Student Device

Things to Know...
  • Students cannot save to the student devices (they have to save to their OneDrive)
    • They can temporarily save items to Downloads or Images to Pictures (however, those documents/images will disappear after they sign-out)
      • Students do not have an H: Drive (this means that if they save something on a desktop computer, it stays on that computer --students have to save documents in their One Drive
    • The homepage cannot be set.
    • For teachers: Items that are helpful to have when troubleshooting issues:   extra power cord (if a device isn't charging, try charging with another device's power cord),  extra set of earbuds/headphones.
    • To prevent a good portion of technical issues, student devices should be: (1)  left ON, (2) plugged in, and (3) signed out overnight (this ensures all devices have the latest updates.)
If these tips do not work, please email our school technician at with a description of your problem. 
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