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Dell 3180 Student Device

Things to Know...
  • Students cannot save to the student devices (they have to save to their OneDrive)
    • They can temporarily save items to Downloads or Images to Pictures (however, those documents/images will disappear after they sign-out)
      • Students do not have an H: Drive (this means that if they save something on a desktop computer, it stays on that computer --students have to save documents in their One Drive
    • The homepage cannot be set.
    • For teachers: Items that are helpful to have when troubleshooting issues:   extra power cord (if a device isn't charging, try charging with another device's power cord),  extra set of earbuds/headphones.
    • To prevent a good portion of technical issues, student devices should be: (1)  left ON, (2) plugged in, and (3) signed out overnight (this ensures all devices have the latest updates.)
If these tips do not work, please email our school technician at [email protected] with a description of your problem. 
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