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Student Device Tech Support » Power Issues

Power Issues

  1. If device is not powering on:

    1. Press down on power button on device and hold for a few seconds to ensure that it will actually not power on.
      (Click here for keyboard diagram if you cannot find the power button) 
    2. Plug device into charger and see if it will power on while being plugged into charger. (Click here for image of what to check on screen).

    3. See if device is charging while plugged into charger (best practice: hold onto device until you can ensure it is capable of fully charging ---usually between two and three hours)

  2. If device works with your power cord:

         1. Check power cord in teacher’s room to make sure the brick /AC adapter (large square block) is plugged into the power
            cord piece that plugs into the wall. (Click here for diagram)

         2. Check and make sure the power cord is plugged into the wall.

  3. Check power cord to see if it is faulty (Click here for instructions). If power cord is faulty, complete a work order ticket for technician.