Welcome to the Rockvale Middle School Counseling Department! We are proud of our Raven family and strive to help meet our students' academic, social, and emotional needs. Our goal is to provide meaningful assistance to our parents and students and this website is one way we are attempting to do this.
Our primary goal is to assist students progress in their education goals. We do this through working directly with students, as well as collaborating with teachers, administrators, and parents. We frequently address social, academic, and emotional struggles. Social issues may include interpersonal conflict, reports of bullying, or problems associated with electronics that are beginning to interfere with the school day. Academic struggles may include frequent absences or tardies, incomplete or missing work, struggles with classroom testing, or struggles understanding class materials. Emotional struggles may range from having a bad moment during the school to a student feeling a negative emotion for an extended period of time.
Please visit this site often, as we intend to update the content to meet the needs of our school community. If you need to speak to a counselor, please contact us using the information below.
7th Grade Counselor
Ext. 30709
8th Grade Counselor
Ext. 30710
6th Grade Counselor
Ext. 30783