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What is YouScience?
YouScience is a an aptitude assessment to assist students in choosing their high school pathway and to become knowledgeable regarding in-demand careers to better succeed in school and life.
Students take a series of brain games to discover their aptitudes, interests, and matching best-fit careers. After they have completed the assessment, they have access to a catalog of careers and details about those occupations (i.e. education/training requirements, salary outlook, working conditions, etc.)
Assessment instructions are listed below. On the bottom of the page, a walkthrough worksheet for students is also available below if you would like to print it and use it as you peruse through the different career paths (this is optional and does not need to be turned into your teacher). 
High School Guidance counselors visit 8th graders at the end of the school year to discuss their schedule for their freshman year and to talk about what pathway they want to choose and use the YouScience results to assist students in choosing the pathway that best fits their strengths and interests.
Taking the YouScience Assessment
YouScience Information for 1st Day of YouScience (Includes initial sign-up process)
  • To be used for 1st Day YouScience and can be sent to students absent that have not started YouScience Assessment
  • The assessment CANNOT be paused. It will only save their results if they exit the test AFTER they COMPLETE a section.  
  • If students exit the test in the middle of a section, it will not save that work, just the work they did in completed sections.
How To Return to YouScience Test to Finish Assessment:
How Students and Parents Can Review YouScience Results:
How To Review YouScience Results