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RMS Distance and Blended Learning Support

Tools for Distance Learning Lesson
1.  Zoom or TEAMS (live lessons and can record screen). *Loom is also a good resource for screen recording.
2.  Jupiter/Kiddom (to post assignments)
3.  Plan to gather student work
1. Decide on Objective and Success Criteria
2. Decide on exit ticket/ lesson formative assessment (questions or how you will know students are participating and are
    understanding instruction.
3. Choose/create video or gather resource material that will instruct students in relation to success criteria..
4. Your directions for students will make or break your lesson. If they are not detailed and clear, students will not know what to do.
Example instructions:

Objective: Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents.

Success Criteria:

  • I can determine which order of operations fits each example
  • I can express quantities with exponents of the 2nd degree


1. Login to Jupiter Grades. Click here if you have trouble logging in.

2. Click on the following assignment attachments:

        a. Video tutorial of evaluating numerical expressions.

        b. Activity Page:  Work all problems. SHOW your work to get full credit.

        c. You can print out the page and write on the worksheet and snap a picture of your work and upload it, OR
            if you do not have a printer, use a sheet of notebook paper to record your work.

            Click here for 
example of how to turn in your work.

3. Check comment section in grades on Thursday and re-work any missed problems and re-submit work in one of the ways explained above